Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Has the mandate of the Building Ontario Fund changed from the mandate of the Ontario Infrastructure Bank?

Our mandate is not changing. The Building Ontario Fund will continue to support the financing and building of critical infrastructure projects across the province.

 Our priority areas continue to include long-term care homes, energy infrastructure, affordable housing, municipal and community infrastructure and transportation, as well as support for infrastructure projects in Indigenous communities.

What efforts are being undertaken to recruit the agency’s Chief Executive Officer?

We continue to make progress in laying the foundation for future success as we establish a governance framework and build out the organization, including the recruitment of the Chief Executive Officer.

Recruitment of the Chief Executive Officer and executive leadership team is a key priority for the BOF Board and is an important part of the continued progress of the organization.

Is the Building Ontario Fund associated with Infrastructure Ontario?

The Building Ontario Fund is an arms-length, board governed provincial agency, not directly affiliated with Infrastructure Ontario. However, we will work closely with Infrastructure Ontario.

We would like the Building Ontario Fund to finance our project. What is the project selection process?

The Building Ontario Fund is developing a detailed process to ensure there is appropriate criteria for selecting projects and partners in priority areas.

Although this process is currently under development, we welcome your project ideas and proposals. 

I am interested in working for the Building Ontario Fund, where do I apply?

Please monitor the BOF website for updates on career opportunities as they become available and subscribe below to receive the latest BOF news.

What is the process to become a member on the Board of Directors of the Building Ontario Fund?

Board members are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council upon the recommendation of the Minister of Finance and will need to have significant financial and infrastructure-related project expertise.

Can you add me to the Building Ontario Fund news release subscription list?

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