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Priority Areas for Investment

Initially, projects financed through the Building Ontario Fund will focus on the following priority areas: long-term care homes; energy infrastructure; affordable housing; municipal and community infrastructure; transportation.


The mandate includes support for infrastructure projects for Indigenous communities that advance community and economic wellbeing.

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Project Selection

The Building Ontario Fund is developing a detailed process to ensure there is appropriate criteria for selecting projects and partners in priority areas based on financial and public interest criteria.


We are exploring opportunities to support large-scale projects in the postsecondary student housing, long-term care, energy generation and municipal infrastructure sectors. For example, we are currently engaging with Canadian entities with long-term investment horizons and an Ontario-based postsecondary institution to help finance new student housing projects, as well as exploring opportunities with partners to finance additional long-term care homes and major energy generation, including attracting investments to build new nuclear projects.

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Infrastructure Bank Launched by other jurisdictions around the world

Other jurisdictions have taken a similar approach to support building critical infrastructure through the creation of infrastructure investment organizations

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